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FIBA gives Nigeria November deadline


Following the disagreement at the Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF), after the June 15 election, the world Basketball governing body FIBA, has asked Nigeria to resolve the leadership dispute in the Federation or face dire consequences.

FIBA made its position known through a letter sent to the two parties involved, Tijani Umar and Musa Kido and signed by the Secretary General of FIBA, Patrick Baumann.

The world governing body instructed the NBBF to resolve the dispute internally, whether through new elections (preferably) or through an amicable solution under the auspices of the National Olympic  Committee, before 30 November 2017.

NBBF risks FIBA's suspension
FIBA further stated that in the event that a solution was not found on the given day, the NBBF will be subject to the possibility of sanctions, including a suspension of its membership with FIBA.

Regardless of any sanctions after the November 30 deadline, FIBA will appoint a task force that will take appropriate measure(s) in the interest of basketball in Nigeria.

FIBA will continue to study all allegations of state intervention and non-democratic elections at the NBBF.